Stick Man Rage
Stick Man Rage

Need to work out some aggression? Ever wonder what it would be like to fight a stick man? Here is your chance to find out! Nothing is better then going toe to toe against a Stick Man. Punch, drag, and throw your way to victory.

Fight any number of different Stick Men or create your own opponent. Stick Man Rage makes it easy to fight your friends using any photo from your camera or gallery.

Don't be a chicken it's only a Stick Man, now let's fight.

How To Play

Punch: Tap the Stick Man to punch. Each punch is worth 1 point.
Throw: Drag the Stick Man into a wall (2 points) or the ceiling (3 points).
Change: Click the more menu to change Stick Man's style or add your own photo.


Choose from a variety of Stick Man Styles
Create your own opponent using camera or photo gallery
Keep fighting in landscape or portrait mode Stick Man moves with you

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